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"Irene is not only a total pro - genial, great with clients, easy to work with, fun, cool - but from an execution standpoint she’s one of the best VO talent I’ve ever worked with. Interpretation, characters, acting, dynamics, tone, pacing... ALL of it is spot on, every time."

Jay Smack


Irene Ziegler Voice Talent

Irene Ziegler Voice Talent

My voice is confident, warm, & intelligent. I am at home as an announcer, narrator, on-hold personality, character, or real person, and am facile with dialects. I've helped brand products and services for over 30 years.

I was the original voice on your cell phone's GPS (I pre-date SIRI!). My local claim to fame is that I am the "bus lady voice" for the transit authority in Richmond, VA. I was also the voice at Terminus in The Walking Dead.

Here are a few samples of my work. You can find many more at The Voice Realm.